JGC Gymnastics


=====  Important Dates and Information =====

9 August  - JGC/Alberton Competition

15 & 16 August - Central Gauteng Regionals

5&6 September - Level 1-3 & class 1 North Zone Championships 

19&20 September - Provincials Level 4-6 & Class 2.

South African Women Hope to Raise the Bar in Glasgow

CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICEhttp://www.intlgymnast.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4096:south-african-women-hope-to-raise-the-bar-in-glasgow&catid=2:news&Itemid=53

Report from EWN on Commonwealth Games:

Commonwealth Games: Day 1 Wrap

Gymnastics (artistic)
Team ranking after day 1: sixth.

South African gymnasts Claudia Cummins (L), Bianca Mann (C-L) and Kirsten Beckett (R) with Manager Ilse Roets (C-R). Picture: Official Team South Africa Facebook Page

=====  Our Senior Gymnasts =====

Kirsten Beckett

Claudia Cummins

Alessandra Thompson

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